René Barjavel, Oracle of Environmental Disaster

René Barjavel, Oracle of Environmental Disaster

Modern Prophets (4/7) – Each, in his own way, foretold and put into words what the world would become today. This week René Barjavel. Considered the father of science fiction in France, the writer anticipated contemporary debates about ecology.

It’s mysterious — perhaps unfair — that Rene Barjavel invented science fiction in France ; But after all the story is created like this, it needs symbols. Didn’t the Vikings discover America long before Christopher Columbus? Sure, but no one really cared back then. According to Barjavel and its predecessors: Jules Verne was, in the eyes of his contemporaries, a writer of “scientific novels”, Rosny or Robita, “novels of anticipation”. Also, we talked about it first, in the release destroyedof “Extraordinary Novel”. After postwar American literature popularized the term, Barjavel was given the title of science fiction writer—a title valid for all his works. Not that he was the first to describe an imagined future based on the imagination that the advancement of science would one day allow. But during this fantasy Barjavel did it…

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