Valco Energy cuts Gabon forecast to 9,500 barrels per day |

Valco Energy cuts Gabon forecast to 9,500 barrels per day |

Valco has decided to revise its full-year 2022 net production forecast to 9,000-9,500 barrels per day, from 9,500 to 10,500 barrels per day, due to lower production from the T1 formation south of Tsibala 1HP-SD.

Valco Energy cut its Gabon forecast to 9,500 barrels per day. © DR

US Tanker on August 3 provided an updated full-year production forecast for the South Tchybala 1HB-ST well. According to the US company, production rates from the well were below the minimum recommended operating range of electric submersible pumps (“ESP”), resulting in a reduction in net production forecast for 2022 by 9,000 -9,500 barrels per day. 9,500 to 10,500 barrels.

However, the company said it remains optimistic about the Dentale D9 formation and plans to close the gap in its next drilling campaign. “We plan to drill additional wells during the 2021/2022 drilling campaign, which could positively impact our production later in the year and into 2023. By exercising our additional options on rig drilling rigs at a time when prices are high, we maximize our ability to add significant reserves and production to Valco’s portfolio.said George Maxwell, the company’s chief executive.

The third well of Valco’s 2021-2022 drilling campaign in the Etame field offshore Gabon, South Tchipala 1HB-ST was drilled from the Auma platform in Etam offshore Gabon. However, it predicted an increase in reserves and Valco’s production.

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