1722 activated due to flood and storm risk!

1722 activated due to flood and storm risk!

In the early morning, the South East part of the country will face rain and thundershowers, IRM said. The far west could also see showers overnight. The IRM has therefore decided to issue a yellow thunderstorm warning for the provinces of Li├Ęge, Namur and Luxembourg until Friday morning.

The purpose of 1722 is to prevent emergency numbers from being inundated with calls for interventions, which can however wait. This number should be called in case of storm damage or water damage requiring fire brigade assistance. If life is in danger, call 112.

The SPF recommends using the electronic counter 1722.be, which is considered “a direct way to request help from firefighters in non-life-threatening situations”.

112 emergency centers and the fire brigade always give priority to people whose lives are in danger. “They analyze the situation in each case and decide who needs to be rescued first. During a storm or flood, they have to deal with many requests at the same time”, the central public service underlines. “Be patient, don’t call again to know when help will arrive. ” he asks.

1722 will prevent activation when a storm or heavy rain is announced. This implementation does not in any way predict the severity of the warning and the level of potential damage, SPF interior recalls.

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