More choice and flexibility for Uber drivers

L'application Uber. Image d'illustration.

It was a very strong claim: Uber would give up the ballast and specifically let drivers choose their races better.

Provide drivers with more flexible, profitable and rewarding employment opportunities

Before saying ‘yes’ to running the race, Uber drivers will now know how much they earn ; Thus they can accept or reject. Earnings are displayed based on destination and fare, a feature drivers have been asking for for a long time.

Select your species

Therefore, the American company offers more flexibility and choice to its drivers, the site notes in its press release: “It will be easier for drivers to decide whether a race is worth the time and effort required. We want to provide drivers with more flexible, profitable and rewarding employment opportunities“, Uber writes. The company’s goal is to show that its economic model is not only financially viable, but also socially viable, which is necessary for self-employed workers who sometimes make very poor lives.

Prove that the business model is viable

Tests carried out in the US are guaranteed for passengers with longer journeys and shorter waits. Another setting for its drivers: “trip radar”. The tool will allow drivers to view a list of other races nearby, “to have the opportunity to choose another that works best for them”. The credit card offers Uber drivers savings on fuel costs and related benefits.

Since the regulation ended, Uber has lost many drivers. A situation that has not allowed the team to meet strong demand for months. Since the start of 2022, Uber’s stock has fallen more than 45%.

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