Google Play presents a new logo for its 10th anniversary!


for the celebration of 10th Anniversary of Google Play, the American company decided to create a new logo for it. Although the latter does not benefit from a major change, this approach allows Google To integrate its image in all the products it offers.

10 years reserve

Google Play Since 2012. It’s fair to say that from this start, the logo for Google’s digital distribution service has rarely been a small touch-up item. So it’s time for him to boost his image as he celebrates 10th Anniversary. And there is a reason behind this presentation New logo. In fact, the company wants to standardize the displays of all its products and services so that they are completely identical. Brand image. Google Play app which has billions of users every month is therefore preferred. And 10 years, to celebrate! So you can use the opportunity to bring in more Visibility For this change.

Photo credit: Instagram @googleplay

A small change

Admittedly, Google Play provides a logo Some changes. But these are light! essential Triangle Equivalence is still valid. Only the shape of its corners, which are slightly more rounded, has changed. It also looks thicker than the previous one. The colors that make it up are in the same place: blue on the left, yellow on the right, green above and red below. On the other hand, they are much less lively to come and take the same Iconic Google colors.

Photo credit: Google Play

After the development of the Google Chrome logo, Google Play fits in with the company’s new approach to standardization. It’s about course Small changesBut they have the ability to do everything Difference !

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