Morocco is ranked as the best destination for solo travelers

Morocco is ranked as the best destination for solo travelers

After ranking as the best destination for family travel, Morocco is a dream destination for solo travelers, if not specifically for women traveling alone. With a score of 29.1/30, Morocco ranked first with the criteria “number of solo travelers, percentage of 5-star hotels and percentage of 5-star activities on TripAdvisor”.

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According to the same source, Morocco records the highest proportion of 5-star hotels (42.09%) and the highest percentage of 5-star operations in the world (52.53%). On this scale, Greece is second only to Morocco with 28.95/30 points. In the general classification, Morocco is ahead of Greece, India, USA and South Africa.

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Spain is the best destination for women traveling alone, with a safety score of 212.04 and an overall score of 47.4/50. “The country is very safe for women and has a large number of solo tours, including a nine-day trip that starts in Madrid and ends in Barcelona.” Behind Spain are Ireland, Austria, Portugal, Croatia, Switzerland, Norway and France. Morocco is not in the top 10.

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