Heat wave: Despite some forecast rain, historic drought worries meteorologists

Heat wave: Despite some forecast rain, historic drought worries meteorologists

Although Météo France is forecasting some precipitation this Friday, July 29, the Weather Channel fears no significant rainfall.

Not enough rain… 90 out of 96 French departments are currently affected by water shortages. So early in the season, this is unheard of. Meteorologist Cyril Duchesne is quick to warn that July will be “the driest month on record since 1959”. The Weather Channel.

Very localized precipitation

week end, Meteo France Expect a few stormy showers this Friday, July 29. However, they are limited to the southern part of France. In addition, the region will not experience rain throughout the day: showers will occur especially in the south in the afternoon. However, meteorologist Cyril Duchesne qualifies: These storms “will not change the course of persistently dry weather.”

A July ends badly…

No rest. According to Weather Channel, the dry weather may continue in the first half of August. A lot has to do with the historical lack of rainfall in July… Overall rainfall this month was “ridiculous”: 0mm in Nice, Nîmes and Marignane, Bastias, Agen, Perpignan, Bordeaux and 1mm in Rennes, 2mm in Clermont-Ferrand. The lowest monthly accumulation rate measured since 1959…

\ud83d\udca7 \u274c A few days before the end of July, monthly rainfall across France was the lowest since 1959.#Drought Especially high soil in many areas. pic.twitter.com/kqgDrIfE0x

— Meteo-France (@meteofrance) July 27, 2022

\u203c\ufe0f? This month of July 2022 tops the driest July since 1959 (the beginning of a reliable and sufficient number of rainfall records in metropolitan France). Many low rainfall records have been broken! #Drought pic.twitter.com/xf90gJPRcN

– The Weather Channel (@lachainemeteo) July 27, 2022

France has a rainfall deficit of 89% and is still not recovering. According to the Weather Channel, “pessimistic” forecasts do not suggest significant rain until August 10. Especially the first one Risk of a new heat wave episode Very present.

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