The main innovation of the Pixel 6a will trickle down to other smartphones

The main innovation of the Pixel 6a will trickle down to other smartphones

Google has announced that the Pixel 6a’s “Camouflage” feature, which changes the color of elements in a photo, is coming to the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

Google Pixel 6a Photo Module
Google Pixel 6a Photo Block // Source: Chloé Pertuis – Frandroid

With its Pixel 6a, Google has introduced a new editing feature for its Google Photos app. The manufacturer’s mid-range smartphone allows you to color calibrate and change the color of an element in the background of a photo. A way to make this element less noticeable and, instead, highlight the subject better.

However, this feature is currently only available Google Pixel 6aAs a feature “Magic Eraser”. Now, in addition to the option “to sweep“, Magic Eraser integrates an option”Camouflage“. The idea is to change the colors of an element of the photo to better blend into the background. It picks up the hue of the surrounding elements to better direct the eye towards the actual subject of the photo.

This feature is familiar to photographers who already use advanced editing tools like Photoshop or Lightroom to make an element’s hue less noticeable. However, the Google Photos feature, like Magic Eraser, has the advantage of ease of use. All you have to do is hover over the element you want to change to apply the changes directly.

A feature coming to other smartphones this week

While only the Pixel 6a is currently eligible for this camouflage feature, Google wants to extend it to more smartphones. asked the American site on the edgeGoogle’s previous two high-end smartphones, the Google Pixel 6 And Google Pixel 6 Pro, will be able to take advantage of this camouflage feature from Thursday, July 28. As a reminder, the Pixel 6a will also be commercially available on this date, along with the company’s new headphones. Pixel Buds Pro.

This camouflage and magic eraser functionality is integrated directly into the Google Photos app, which is available on all Android smartphones, and hopefully will be extended to more smartphones in the coming months. Google actually offers quite a few Additional features for users who subscribe to its Google One offer.

In addition to extended storage, the subscription allows Take advantage of the functionsPortrait lamp“and”Background blur». These two editing modes, which have been reserved for Pixel smartphones so far, can hopefully bring an end to Magic Eraser and its camouflage function on all Android smartphones.

After nine months of everyday use of the Pixel 6 Pro, it’s time to take this long-term test of the disappointing smartphone.
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