Nord-Aveyron: Secrets of the Star Vault at Aubrac Revealed

Nord-Aveyron: Secrets of the Star Vault at Aubrac Revealed

Claude Geourjon shares his passion by presenting wreaths with the Abrague Botanic Gardens.

At 2 a.m. on August 12, 2026, Claude Giorgione will be in Gijón, Spain to witness the upcoming solar eclipse. This computer scientist professionally organizes his life (and his nights) to the rhythm of the ephemerides.

Leaving Paris, he settled at Nospinels in Loser, opting for great outdoors. Where the sky is still clean. “The sky is magic here”, He says in this sense. The star is within reach. A pair of astronomical telescopes under the Christmas tree in December 1983 piqued his interest. Since then, everything has been written and photographed. His days are like his nights. Halley’s Comet in 1986, the Voyager probe in 1989, the lunar eclipse at Dunkirk in 1990, the sun under the Arc de Triomphe on May 10, 1994… “Neptune Majorole is blue, Andromeda is four million years away…” Claude Geourjon is an open book on the constellation. He knows no limits like the galaxies and takes his time to achieve his dream. “What is beautiful is this immensity that surrounds us.”

He is interested in eclipses above our heads, beyond us, like the aurora borealis. One passion leads to another. He also observes cinema closely. He finds there a taste for figure and a sense of detail. To the extent of creating a website that identifies errors in installations. After a decade at Aubrac, he expands his passion to animation. He won the Taussac Castle photo contest and has been immortalized since 2012, but what made him experience eternity was when he looked at the sky.

For this reason, it hosts astronomy evenings organized by the Abrag Botanic Gardens in the company of another enthusiast, Nathalie Blondel-Barr, known as “Sciences Noth”. For her the knowledge of earthly heaven to rhyme botany with science, for him the celestial world to seek the stars. The two form a pair. As with his first Christmas 83 glasses, thereafter, Claude Giorgione followed Socrates’ quote to the letter: “Know thyself, and thou knowest the universe and the gods.”

What he does know is written on his calendar: he will be at the next total lunar eclipse visible on September 7, 2025.

On the menu of astronomical evenings

The Botanic Gardens are ramping up day and night activities this summer. Therefore, astronomical evenings are presented under the leadership of Claude Giorgione, sometimes in the presence of botanist Nathalie Blondel-Barr. On Wednesday July 27, at 10pm, Laguiol hosts an evening with a head in the stars at Bouyssou Resort, organized by the Tourist Office. We will meet in Aumont-Aubrac on August 1 and 8 at 10 p.m. Blondel -Baur, so), aliquot and astronomy on the menu. Thursday August 4, at 10 pm, in Fornals, August 5 and 11, at 10 pm, at Laguiole station; Aug. 12, 6 p.m., Botanic Evening Discovering the Belles-de-Jour and Skywatching with Science Not’ and the Botanical Gardens. Astronomical evenings at Laguiole on August 24 and 31 at 9:30 pm, on September 7 at Laguiole station at 9 pm, and on October 25 at 10:30 am partial solar eclipse. Reservations 05 65 44 65 84.

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