Zac Efron Sues Netflix Documentary

Zac Efron Sues Netflix Documentary

Friday, July 22, US media TMZ Zac Efron and Netflix announced that they are in the sights of American Justice. Question, documentary Down to earth On stage, its name causes trouble for a company.

In 2020, Jack Ephron Landing on Netflix For an unexpected collaboration on stage. The American star is a true idol of an entire generation with the iconic role of Troy Bolton High School Musical In the 2000s, efforts Take a step forward in your life. After years of family jokes Dirty grandpa With Robert De Niro or Our worst neighbors With Seth Rogen, the comedian wants to showcase his acting skills. So he signed the film on the popular stage Very wicked, shockingly evil and vileA biographical drama starring him as Ted Bundy, a notorious serial killer who committed at least thirty murders in the 1970s. Trying out documentaries.

An illegal documentary?

This is how 2020 will come Down to earth, which follows the adventures of Vanessa Hudgens’ ex-companion to find local sustainable development initiatives around the planet. The documentary is set to return in the coming months for a second season, shot in Australia. Problem, Zac Efron and Netflix An American company sued… Down to earth organics. So the very name of the documentary accuses the company of causing trouble Harmful to his business. According to information from TMZCompany holds Locked media rights by name “Down to Earth” Even before the documentary was released, it was illegal. He also says that the project is harming his brand confusion“ConsumersThe advice given by the series when arguing that “Widely Mocked” And Jack Ephron He will use the series to promote his own brand of protein bars To their detriment. It remains to be seen what American Star and Netflix risk, its new project already threatened by this huge controversy, which they would have done well…

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