Many African countries reiterated their support for the autonomy plan

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Union of Comoros

The Union of the Comoros reiterates its support for the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco as the only solution to the artificial conflict around the Moroccan Sahara, underlined Wednesday in Marrakech, Comorian Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Doihir Doulkamal.

“The Moroccan plan aimed at resolving this artificial conflict is likely to bring peace and stability to the region,” he said in a statement to the press after his talks with the foreign minister. Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Moroccans Living Abroad Nasser Bourita, on the sidelines of the work of the 14th edition of the America-Africa Business Summit, which will be held in the city of Ocher until July 22.
“Morocco and Comoros have decided to support each other every day and in all trials,” he noted.

While stressing the solid, rich and dense ties that link the two countries, the Comorian minister welcomed the development of cooperation between the two countries, especially the coming embassy of the Kingdom in Comoros, which will be very important. A move to strengthen diplomatic ties between the two countries.

Likewise, he welcomed Morocco’s ratification of an agreement on income tax and the fight against tax evasion and evasion and the non-double taxation of income tax, allowing economic operators from both countries to operate safely.

Additionally, Mr. Dulkamal, H.M. He said he was very impressed by the policy proposed by Morocco under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, which aimed to give new impetus and relaunch inter-African cooperation within the South-South framework. Hope for African countries.

“The Kingdom has continued to support the leadership of this new vision, this renewed pan-Africanism and this paradigm shift, in which Africa’s emancipation goes through development and South-South cooperation,” he said. Morocco has taken the lead in this new vision.

The hosting of the US-Africa Business Summit in Morocco translates this vision of Morocco, which works tirelessly in support of African unity.
Also, Mr. Toulkamal highlighted the “humanitarian” immigration policy adopted by Morocco under the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

The Gambia

The Gambia reiterates its support for Morocco’s territorial integrity and the autonomy plan proposed by the kingdom as the only solution to achieve a concrete solution to the artificial conflict around the Moroccan Sahara, the Foreign Minister underlined in Marrakech on Wednesday. , International Cooperation and Gambians Abroad in the Republic of The Gambia, by Mamadou Tangara.

In a statement to reporters following his talks with Nasser Bourida, Mr. Tangara reiterated.

“The Gambia supports the efforts of the United Nations to achieve a political, realistic, practical and lasting solution to this artificial conflict”, he added in this context, translating the stable position of the opening of his country’s embassy in Takla. The Gambia vis-à-vis Morocco is the question of the Sahara.

Regarding bilateral relations, the Gambian diplomatic chief noted that Banjul and Rabat are working together so that a joint Moroccan-Gambian commission “will take place in the very near future with the aim of strengthening the very close bilateral relations between the two countries.”

Additionally, Mr. Tangara pointed out that his country’s private sector is strong at the US-Africa Business Summit as The Gambia seeks to strengthen its economic cooperation with Morocco, a gateway to Africa, Europe and sub-countries. Saharan Africa.

Republic of Liberia

Liberian Foreign Minister Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah on Wednesday in Marrakech reiterated his country’s support for the Kingdom of Morocco’s territorial integrity and its full sovereignty over its southern provinces. Speaking after his talks with Nasser Bourita, the Liberian minister reaffirmed his country’s support for the kingdom’s territorial integrity and the autonomy plan for its southern provinces within the framework of its sovereignty as the “only solution” to the dispute.

In this regard, he recalled the opening of the Liberian Consulate in Takla in 2020, an important step to strengthen economic ties with the Kingdom and take advantage of the future opportunities offered by Morocco’s unique position. .

Mr. Saah Kemayah insisted.


The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Malawi, Ms. Nancy Tembo, reiterated in Marrakech on Wednesday, her country’s “unwavering” support for the Kingdom’s territorial integrity and Moroccan autonomy project.

“Regarding the Sahara issue, HE Nancy Tempo reiterated the unwavering support of the Republic of Malawi to the territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Morocco,” said a joint statement issued after the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Malawi.

Mrs Tembo also praised the efforts of the United Nations (UN) as the “unique framework” to achieve a political, realistic, practical and lasting solution to the territorial dispute.

Malawi’s head of diplomacy reaffirmed his country’s support for the Moroccan autonomy plan put forward by the kingdom in 2007 as “the only solution to resolve this territorial dispute”.

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