Heatwave and Thunderstorm: More than 21 sectors have been classified under orange alert this Wednesday

Heatwave and Thunderstorm: More than 21 sectors have been classified under orange alert this Wednesday

The heat episode is not over, but it is short. On Tuesday morning, Météo France classified 73 departments in an orange heat wave and/or thunderstorm.This Wednesday, in its 6 a.m. bulletin, the forecaster’s warning applies to only 21 sectors, mainly located in the western and mid-western parts of the country.

In detail, it reiterated in recent days the warning that “the heat wave episode will require special attention due to its intensity and duration”. “This Wednesday, high temperatures will be confined to the southeastern quarter of the country and Alsace, with night temperatures even higher. “This situation is likely to continue in these regions for several more days,” explains the forecaster.

Regarding the storms affecting nine departments in the north-east of the country, the forecaster said a “severe stormy summer situation is triggered, which requires special vigilance because of the strong risk of a violent event. These storms can be violent with hail and strong electrical activity.

The freshness returns slowly

In general, from Wednesday morning, Normandy and Haute-de-France, the Paris region, Center Val d’Loire and Champagne-Ardenne, the weather will be very cloudy with frequent and frequent storms, the Met Office said. -France projections. Over the afternoon, this chaotic weather will continue towards Lorraine, Alsace and Jura. From Brittany north to the Pays de Loire, Poitou and Auvergne, clouds and rain will be abundant in the morning and dull in the afternoon.

In the southwest, skies will be very busy in the morning, with a few drops possible. In the afternoon, good clears will develop between the Loire and Caronne, which will be very scary near the Pyrenees and Brittany.

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Minimum temperatures range from 15 to 20 degrees in the western part of the country, 19 to 22 degrees in the east and 25 or 26 degrees on the Mediterranean coast. Highs will be lower everywhere except in the southeast quarter, where they will still be between 33 and 38 degrees. We generally expect 25 to 29 degrees, no more than 22 to 26 degrees from the Channel coast to Brittany, but 30 to 34 degrees from Roussillon east of the Massif Central and east of Lorraine and Franche-Comte, another 35 to 36 in the Alsace plain.

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