Inside the leatherback turtle rescue operation in Takla

Inside the leatherback turtle rescue operation in Takla

By Souilme Bouaamoud on 07/17/2022 at 6:13 pm

Yesterday, Saturday July 16, 2022, a group including young environmentalists and foreign tourists made an effort to save a nearly dead sea turtle at Lahraikwa beach, 30 kilometers from Takla. Pictures.


The collaborative environmental effort was launched after a local fisherman reported a leatherback turtle on the beach. It was transported on a board, which is used in water sports, at least over 3 kilometers, towards the sea.

Asked by The 360A young environmentalist said Lahraikwa beach, located 30 kilometers from Takla, is famous for its high tides, which cause many marine animals to drift away.

The leatherback turtle is the largest of the seven extant species of sea turtle, the largest turtle overall and the fourth largest reptile after the three crocodiles. It is more than 2 meters long and weighs more than 900 kilograms.

It is the most mobile of all reptiles. The leatherback sea turtle can cross entire ocean basins and has special characteristics that allow it to survive in waters much colder than other sea turtles.

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