Darn: At 16, bachelor Paul Jarby gets 20/20 in math

Darn: At 16, bachelor Paul Jarby gets 20/20 in math

At 16, Paul Jarby can be proud of himself. This young undergraduate scored 19/20 in Physical Chemistry and 20/20 in Mathematics.

The graduates set their hearts on the celebration. With the results released last Tuesday, most of the final year students are now dreading the next academic year; Returning to school and the discovery of post-undergraduate life under the guise of innovation. A young 16-year-old bachelor named Paul Jarby. His next destination was none other than the science prep class at Pierre de Fermat.

If there is fear, Paul has something to reassure himself. With an average of 17.06 marks in his undergraduate studies, this young undergraduate excelled in mathematics and physics and chemistry exams. Notes related to the results obtained throughout the year: “I have to say that in physics I expected a little less, he admits. But in mathematics, I expected it. Honestly, I could not have expected better.”

Do you doubt 20/20 in math? Paul, it’s possible. The student developed the ability to count from an early age. “In elementary school, my teachers noticed that I had a facility for counting. I think that was a kind of motivation for me.” So the science track is all designed for the puzzle lover. So it was logical that from the first grade, Paul chose to specialize in Mathematics, Physical Chemistry and NSI (Numerical and Computer Science). A wise choice received a well-deserved reward on July 5.

Science, but also languages

Rather than love for mathematics, the student develops a taste for languages. From second grade, Paul joined the European section. Pursuing several fields in foreign languages ​​was essential for him: “I took this bachelor’s degree to open up to different cultures, he believes. I wanted to express myself in many languages. This is a considerable advantage. You like to travel. Thanks to a good knowledge of English and German, two years of intensive Paul believes that he has the necessary weapons to deal with the labor.

Today the student’s head is full of dreams. Paul aspires to become an engineer at a large school such as Polytechnic or Central, by combining the MP2I science prep course (mathematics, physics, engineering and computer science).

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