6pm News – “Uber files”: Opposition wants parliamentary inquiry into Macron’s role

6pm News – “Uber files”: Opposition wants parliamentary inquiry into Macron's role

On Monday July 11, Nupes had a platform to defend its censure resolution in the National Assembly. During her speech, Inzomis leader, Mathilde Panot, touched another A topic currently rocking the assembly : Revelations about links between Emmanuel Macron and the Uber platform.

According to the newspaper the world, Minister Macron will have helped the American company with the aim of changing French laws so that they are more favorable to the future transport company. “Who agrees Leader of Lobbies, Who drives for Uber?”, she asks. “Because, Mrs. Prime Minister, you have not changed: not in substance or form.”

After the revelations, Noobs’ representatives demanded explanations and a parliamentary inquiry. Some, like Andrien Quatennens, see it as more than a minor point: “The Uber files corruption drives the point home and confirms the common instinct: We get it.Emmanuel Macron used politics to satisfy personal interests. It shows that someone in political responsibilities is throwing his weight behind his personal interests.”

Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire stepped in to defend the president. This is for Macron, what he believes is the normal job of a minister.

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Weather report – After less than a month in the past, a new heat wave is expected to last more than a week in France. She moved from the southwest of the country on Monday. Temperatures will touch 39 degrees Celsius on Tuesday.

Tour de France – The UCI has announced that the entire peloton has tested negative for Covid-19 after testing all the Tour de France riders. The experiments were carried out after several participants were forced to drop out after becoming infected.

Japan – Revelations fall on Shinzo Abe’s family and their connections to the Moon Sect. The suspect’s mother was one of the believers. The suspect wanted revenge by targeting the former Japanese prime minister.

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