Drought: New areas on the card have been placed under caution due to lack of rain

Drought: New areas on the card have been placed under caution due to lack of rain

The Governor of Cardin gave an update on the department’s hydrological situation. An ordinance has been issued to use water in the card.

Despite rains at the end of June, record temperatures in May and high temperatures in June leave their mark on the department’s water resources. Particularly marked tensions are observed in the Vidourle and Cèze downstream areas.

The Gordon downstream and Ches upstream sectors also show significant deficits, and deviations from the mean levels of the Visrenque and Costieres aquifers continue to widen.

Light rain is expected

Due to the lack of rainfall recorded during the spring, the Sénéchas dam is only partially filled. Therefore, Cèze’s low water flow support is slightly reduced, allowing the river to stagnate during the summer.

According to Météo-France forecasts for the next few days, temperatures should be above normal for the season, and little precipitation is expected.

Different parts of the card according to their classification level.

Different parts of the card according to their classification level.
Khartoum Province – DR

A new classification for zones

So the chief of the card decided Careful maintenance of Vidourle and Cèze downstream areasBut adding more restrictions to the drip is only approved every day at night.

Additionally, The Gordon Lower Section has been put on alert with Careful maintenance of the Cèze upstream zone. Vistrenque-Costières and Vistre regions have been put on alert. The Ardèche Gardoise, Hérault Gardois and Gardon upstream areas have been put on alertwhen Dourbie and Trévezel, Rhône and Camargue Gard regions are on alert.

Among the vigilant municipalities: Everyone is asked to adopt eco-responsible behavior by using water in a measured manner.

Regarding municipalities under alert status: Filling private swimming pools, washing cars and running open water fountains are prohibited. In addition, time restrictions for irrigation are placed. Irrigation of agriculture and vegetable gardens is prohibited from 10 am to 6 pm (except water saving irrigation systems like drip). For domestic irrigation (lawns, pleasure gardens), golf courses and sports areas (playgrounds), the ban is extended from 8 am to 8 pm.

Municipalities under alert status include: Additional restrictions concern the watering of playgrounds and private and public lawns and green spaces. Agricultural irrigation and irrigation of vegetable gardens is prohibited from 8 am to 8 pm (except for water-saving irrigation systems), and every night if water is taken from the water table or the table cloth attached to it.

In addition, in the Cèze Aval and Vidourle warning zones, fine sprinkler irrigation and seed crops under contract are prohibited during the day from 8 am to 8 pm and at night (8 pm to 8 am). Right bank on even days and left bank on odd days.

The department’s next update on the water situation is scheduled for Wednesday, July 20.

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