Morocco benefits from the European project

Morocco benefits from the European project

Every year, the Mediterranean region loses about 0.5 tons of fertile soil per hectare due to soil erosion, which is almost double the European average according to the European PRIMA REACT4MED project, which aims to restore Mediterranean agricultural ecosystems and prevent land degradation and desertification.

The project, which will run until 2025, will contribute to providing in-depth scientific knowledge to help authorities propose solutions for sustainable management of land and water. In other words, the REACT4MED project aims at the social and economic development of the Mediterranean through measures such as land reforestation, erosion prevention, soil moisture conservation, integrated or biological management of soil fertility, water resources utilization.

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Countries participating in the program are Morocco, Spain, Greece, Italy, Germany, Cyprus, Israel, Turkey and Egypt. Most of these countries suffer from water scarcity and have less than 1,000 cubic meters of water per capita per year. For sustainable water management, there is an urgent need to improve both crop selection and water use efficiency throughout the production chain, considering water-water linkage potential.

The scheme aims to ensure availability of water in terms of quality and quantity and improve management of wastewater. The long-term objective is to develop innovative and energy-saving solutions to increase the efficiency and sustainability of water supply in Euro-Mediterranean communities.

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