Meta Quest 2 (Oculus): Soon you won’t need a Facebook account to connect to your VR headset

Meta Quest 2 (Oculus): Soon you won't need a Facebook account to connect to your VR headset

Soon you won’t need to connect to a Facebook account to use the Quest 2 virtual reality headset. From August 2022, the Meta account will be linked separately from the company’s primary social network.

The promise will be kept. As announced at the October 2021 Facebook Connect conference, the Quest 2 virtual reality headset will soon no longer require a Facebook account to activate and make purchases at the Quest Store. Starting in August 2022, with the introduction of new Meta accounts, Mark Zuckerberg’s company will no longer be intrinsically linked to any of the “traditional” social networks.

Users connected to their headsets through a Facebook account will be prompted to create a meta account once the switch is made, where they can return all data from their previous account (including their application purchases and other content). . Users today can continue to use an Oculus Account opened during the Oculus Rift, Rift S or Quest 1 era until January 1, 2023, after which they must switch. – but goes through the Facebook box without a minimum.

These new accounts do not deviate from any social dimension, however, and must be accompanied by a Meta Horizon profile – the name of the meta viewing platform at the heart of the Metaverse’s vision. A virtual universe in which everyone is identified by a personalized avatar, in which connections are made through subscriptions (“following”) in the Instagram model instead of the current system of friends. Oculus interface. Also, willing users can connect their Meta account and their Facebook and/or Instagram profiles to easily find their contacts from the “real” world in virtual reality.

A very partial response to the initial dissatisfaction of users

The change is welcome as a precedent, but gives the impression of being a cheat, with little response to the grumblings expressed by users when the obligation to use a Facebook account was first announced. Ideally, this new system would make it possible to switch from submitting the use of a VR headset to Facebook’s terms of use and specifically the obligation to register under one’s real name.

On the other hand, the fact that these new accounts, in name only, are to be considered accounts covering all of the US company’s services clearly indicates that they constitute the new focal point from which Meta intends to gather all advertising targets. Data on its users. So we are far from what the authors of Dissent wanted, namely an account that is truly separated from other functions of Meta, and dedicated only to the specific use of virtual reality in its current form – and not in its future. Assumption) “Metaverse” version.

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