NASA to release new pictures of universe – La Nouvelle Tribune

NASA to release new pictures of universe - La Nouvelle Tribune

Unpublished images of the universe will be released by its new James-Webb Space Telescope, according to an announcement by the head of the US space agency. Reports by Bill Nelson NASA will reveal that “The deepest picture ever taken of our universe” July 12. He remained neutral during the press conference Space Telescope Science Institute in BaltimoreHe points out that ” vsFarther than anything humanity has ever seen before.”.

According to details on the new James-Webb Space Telescope, its massive primary mirror has the ability to see farther into the universe than any other telescope. He also uses his instruments to detect infrared signals. “It probes the atmospheres of solar system objects and exoplanets orbiting other stars, providing clues as to whether their atmospheres are similar to ours.”Especially explained the boss of the US space agency.

Pictures will help you find the answers…

Always step Bill NelsonThese images can help you find answers to some questions like “Where do we come from? What else exists? Who are we? And, of course, it will answer questions we don’t yet know.”. Note that the new James-Webb Space Telescope will make it possible to observe the first galaxies.

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