FBI Deepfake exposes fake job candidates (and real hackers).

FBI Deepfake exposes fake job candidates (and real hackers).

FBI warns of new scam app Deep fakes. After public figures, the victims are businessmen. The US Homeland Intelligence Service says complaints about people using photos or audio recordings of others during live job interviews are on the rise.

On March 10, 2021, Cybercrime Complaint CenterThe FBI and Department of Justice officials issued an early warning about the use. Deep fakes In the workplace. A year later, he reiterated his warnings against this technology.

In a memo made public in late June, the F.B.I Condemns the use Deep fakes In online job interviews. The US company reveals that it has received complaints regarding technical levels carried out remotely. Lesquels are likely to give successful candidates access to sensitive data. This includes “personally identifiable information” about customers (…) financial data, corporate computer databases and/or proprietary information”.

This scam involves a recruitment Deep fake. this, For work that requires telecommuting with the company’s IT team. If successful, hackers behind Deep fakes Be able to access critical company data. Especially the employees and HR databases. The latter use it to cheat the people involved and, better yet, cheat the company itself.

According to the FBI“they Victims reported that their identity was used. Pre-hire background checks uncovered personally identifiable information (bank details, medical information, identifiers) Some candidates belong to another person. Explaining, The U.S. Homeland Intelligence states, “During an interview, the lip movements of the person being interviewed on camera do not completely match the audio of the person speaking. Sometimes gestures such as coughing, sneezing or other auditory actions do not correspond to what is shown visually.

The Deep fakes Definitely one of the most popular social media content. However, the FBI is sounding the alarm and calling for awareness. In a report published in April 2022, Europol He also warned Deep fakes “The proliferation of crimes is facilitated and the tools available to law enforcement are inadequate to identify them. Deep fake “.

However, it must be stressed Deep fakes Never play the wrong role. To make the dubbing of movies and serials more believable on screen, the company Flawless grown up, TrueSyncAn artificial intelligence technology is capable of lip-syncing actors’ spoken words in different languages.

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