FM6E in Lisbon for the 2nd Ocean Conference

La FM6E  à Lisbonne pour la 2e conférence de l’Océan

The Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection (FM6E), headed by Princess Lalla Hasna, participated in the second United Nations Ocean Conference this Saturday, July 2.

This second edition, to be held in 2020 after the first edition in 2018, is a key meeting to officially launch the United Nations Decade of Marine Science for Sustainable Development (2021 to 2030).

The initiative aims to provide scientific knowledge more quickly, which will make it possible to protect the oceans, whose role in the climate balance of the planet is now considered decisive.

In its role as a founding member of the Coalition for the Decade of the Ocean, the Foundation is particularly involved in the Decade, of which Lalla Hasna is the Coalition’s goddaughter, the world’s leading group leading the Decade.

In Lisbon, the Foundation organized a side event on the role of African NGOs on Friday, together with its partners, the International Maritime Commission of UNESCO (IOC-UNESCO), the Portuguese Ocean Blue Foundation, FUGRO and the National Fisheries Research Institute. This decade of marine science.

To this end, FM6E presented the work carried out in its 20 years, with all its partners, especially the Moroccan civil society, in the protection of beaches, coasts, seas and oceans. He provided awareness, education and awareness activities carried out with national and international associations.

He also explained the collaboration he has set up with IOC-UNESCO from 2021. At the same conference in Lisbon, the UNESCO I.O.C.

Written in the margins of the second edition of the Dialogue on Foundations, the Declaration will be a fundamental tool for achieving the goals of the Decade over the next eight years.

In addition, at the end of the side event two announcements were made by the Foundation as part of its positioning in South-South and Triangular Cooperation, especially on the African continent, namely the awarding of ten scholarships to Africans to study marine sciences, in collaboration with the Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation (AMCI), to promote African foundations and NGOs in the Decade of Marine Sciences. Forming a task force to mobilize.

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