Freebies took a hit in sales with this new plan


More precisely, what it is famous for 90 GB free series ? As its name suggests, we particularly note a good 90 GB data envelope, which you can enjoy anywhere on Free’s solid 4G network (except in the most remote areas, of course). Once 90 GB is used up, performance will be reduced.

Even abroad, you can use your package to browse the Internet, as 10 GB of the total envelope can be allocated during your Europe/DOM trips. Perfect for a relaxing vacation.

Otherwise, the 4G Free Mobile 90 GB plan definitely offers legacy calls and unlimited SMS/MMS to keep in touch with your loved ones even from Europe/DOM.

Football fans can enjoy premium access included in the free Ligue 1 app to follow live developments on their game, their players and their favorite teams.

Note that free plans come with some useful extras at no extra cost, such as eSim compatibility that allows you to do without a SIM card, display voicemail, or duplicate calls.

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