Morocco’s participation in the 1st meeting of the Coordinating Committee of the Negro Forum

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The Kingdom of Bahrain on Monday hosted the first meeting of the Negotiation Forum Coordinating Committee, which was attended by senior officials from the Foreign Ministries of Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, the United States and Israel. At the meeting, which represented Morocco, the Director-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and the Moroccan people living abroad, was dedicated to pursuing the results of the NEGO Summit, which brought together the Foreign Ministers of the six countries. Countries on March 28th. According to Sheikh Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, Deputy Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of the Bahraini Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the meeting focused on defining the role of working groups to enhance cooperation between countries and exchange experiences. Participants in various fields, including economics, health, education, security and the environment. Its aim is to strengthen the stability of the Middle East region and to realize the security aspirations of its people for peace, prosperity and coexistence in a climate of tolerance and harmony between all religions, cultures and civilizations. The affairs of the participating countries, in a joint final announcement, reaffirmed their pride in building the framework for regional cooperation in the decisions of the historic NAGA Summit, and reaffirmed their common interest in enhancing coordination and joint action. Defining the Negro Forum, and its objectives, working methods and framework. At the meeting, six working groups were recognized in the fields of clean energy, education and peaceful coexistence, food and water security, health, security, regional and tourism. The six working groups will meet regularly throughout the year to submit their reports to the Coordinating Committee with the aim of supporting initiatives to strengthen regional integration, cooperation and development for the benefit of the regional people. Participants stressed the importance of improving relations between Israel and the Arab states in order to make positive progress in Israeli-Palestinian relations and to resolve the current conflict through negotiations, as part of efforts to achieve a just, lasting and comprehensive peace in the region. The NGO Coordinating Committee welcomed the annual meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers at the level of the Foreign Ministers of the six countries, as it is the main presidential body of the Council, and Israel convenes another meeting of the Coordinating Committee. He will continue to chair the current session until the next cabinet meeting, emphasizing the importance of deepening regional cooperation and mutual understanding between countries for the success of the Middle East. The region in achieving peace and prosperity on a large scale.

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