YouTube music now looks a little better on our tablets

YouTube music now looks a little better on our tablets

Google is launching an update to the YouTube Music interface on Android tablets to live up to its promises. This small redesign makes it possible to make better use of the display space provided by particularly large screens.

YouTube Tablet
YouTube Music is evolving on our tablets, with improved interface for larger screens // Source: Alvaro Reyes – Unsplash

Google’s approach is to improve without making a revolution YouTube Music On Tablets. As promised at the conference I / O 2022Mountain View has dedicated itself to a new redesign of its application interface. Music streaming. The goal is to make our touch screens or other devices of the same size more suitable for small touch by small touch.

The main new feature of this interface update is the display of albums in Portrait mode. Compared to what we know so far, YouTube Music now refers to the artist, the type of content selected (the album in this case) and the year it was released. The album cover (significantly larger than before) will be shown below on a color background that will resume its hues, followed by the album name and a short description to scroll down.

The presentation of the albums in Portrait mode is very pleasant

Below are custom controls such as download, add to library, play / pause button, sharing and access to other functions via the three-point menu. The list of songs is centered below these commands, without any specific change compared to what we have found so far. Of course, this layout is different in natural form. The info and commands are in a column on the left, while the list of songs is installed in the right half of the screen.

The old design on the left, followed by the new layout on the right // Source: Reddit on MoistTart3258, 9to5 via Google

This prudent, but effective modernization makes it possible to make the best use of available visual space, rather than artificially stretching key elements of the interface. Google should continue to gradually improve the YouTube Music Tablet interface. A few days ago, the group slightly redesigned the presentation of the playlists of its application.

However, this innovation (now in use) refers to Android tablets 9to5Google. However, it would be surprising if it was not extended to iPods after that.

Google has announced that you can quickly stream music from your connected watch under Wear OS without the need for your smartphone.
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