Jacqueline wants to be the “Circuit to Soil of Adrenaline”

Jacqueline wants to be the "Circuit to Soil of Adrenaline"

Micah Desforges thinks big. Jacqueline’s company president wants to make her festival the “next circuit to the sun”.

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Jean-Francois Teotonio

Jean-Francois Teotonio

The event has been hosting action games in Montreal since 2012. Now, 10 years later, the company has begun. Aside from the annual festival at Olympic Park Esplanade, in 2023 the thrills of the warm sands of Virginia Beach will be felt.

“What we do on a Virginia beach is we set up a festival like Montreal in the United States,” explains Micah Desforges. Press. He sits in one of the oversized chairs overlooking the large windows of his company’s Tripu Experimental campus opposite Portugal Park in Saint-Laurent Boulevard.

But Micah Desforges did not want to stop there.

A form of world tour is to be developed, where the world final will be in Montreal.

Micah Desforges, Founder President of Jacolop

“The goal is to say that we can be the circuit to adrenaline solo,” he says. We create events like Jacqueline in Montreal and export them. This puts the Canadian and Quebec teams to work. ⁇

In this case, he did not hide his pride.

“The coastal city of Virginia a The one who changes the game For us, the entrepreneur is happy. We are a small Quebec company that exports to the United States. Who has international aspirations. ⁇

Image courtesy of Micah Desforges

The mock-ups of the Jacoblove Festival, scheduled for 2023 off the coast of Virginia, show the installations on the beach.

References to Circuit du Soleil are a recurring theme in his interview Press This June afternoon.

“In Quebec, we create amazing things, either experientially or as events. We have circus-like successes that have always been an incredible business card.”

“What’s the next circus?” He asks. […] We want to be a part of the answer. ⁇

“Run After Summer”

The deal with Virginia Beach is good until 2025. In the end, one skier explains to himself that “the goal is to have four or five festivals in the world like Montreal.”

Photo by David Boyle, The Press

Micah Desforges, Founder President of Jacolop

Prior to the outbreak, Micah Desforges was involved in discussions with Sao Paulo, Brazil and some Mexican cities. Discussions failed on March 13, 2020. We understand that this is only an adjournment. In Brazil, Mexico or elsewhere.

“Jacqueline’s goal is that summer does not end. Summer will always be somewhere on the planet. So we’ve going to run after summer.”

“It boosts your confidence”

The fact is that there are athletes at the center of the festivities. The life of skier Annie Kuglia, who competed in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, has been a major impetus for Jacqueline in this regard.

“It’s really a swing for local athletes,” the Olympian said.

Photo by Martin Chamberland, Archives Law Press

Annie Kuglia won skateboarding competitions in 2016 and 2019 at Jacolop.

This is crazy, the number of people who said they saw me in Jacqueline before the Olympics. It’s an event that showcases talent in Montreal and elsewhere.

Annie Kuglia

The friendly athlete won skateboarding competitions in 2016 and 2019.

“Winning Jacqueline also boosts your confidence. Still big competition. I have never won an X Games or anything like that. […] Winning Jacqueline provides the best incentive to go confidently on the international stage. ⁇

Micah Desforges is also pleased to organize “the first Canadian event to receive a Gender Equality Scholarship.”

Previously, at least on skateboarding, he explained, “men had mega-scholarships and women were soaked in breadcrumbs.”

From the start, Jacolop offers $ 10,000 to male and female winners. In 2022, this will be $ 15,000 each. According to Kuglia, the positive effects are beyond the bank account.

“It’s a good circle, explains the skier. If you offer a scholarship or a fair salary, it shows that you all value skateboarding. It makes it even more accessible. Earned. Why? ”

A Renaissance version

The 2022 edition of Jacqueline will finally return to its Olympic Park Esplanade after two years of epidemic. So it is officially 8e Version in 10 years, even if the system is active during infections.

Photo by Martin Chamberland, Archives Law Press

The 2022 edition of Jacqueline will return to its Olympic Park Esplanade after a two-year epidemic.

Ordinarily, in addition to skateboarding competitions, climbing and freight dance, it will host three divisions at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

We have upgraded the scholarship for skateboarding. We have increased the amount of fines for climbing, which means many athletes can get Olympic points. It will also be the final match of the Fractance Tournament for the Canadian team.

“It’s very active, Micah Desforges hopes. It’s a revival version.”

Theater on the beach

On the beach in Virginia, Jacolop will be free. All infrastructure will be installed on the beach adjacent to Neptune Park. There, Micah Desforges says, “The event they always wanted will finally happen.” He talks about a “big hunger”. “We are coming to the right place, at the right time. It is developing into a bad success.”

Create one ocean for another

There are already “Jacoblob Black Party” events, and small-scale competitions on skateboards across Canada. This qualifying tour leads to the National Final in Montreal. With Virginia Beach, Micah Desforges explains, this concept can be exported to the United States. “Now we have the US Finals, which allows us to block parties from beach to beach,” the merchant explains. The US tour is set for March 2023 in the southern states of California, Arizona and Texas. To Virginia Beach in June. “When it’s over, we go to western Canada and do our milk flow again, all leading up to the final stop in Montreal in August.

Why “Jacolop”?

In mythology, Jacqueline is a combination of rabbit and beast, usually depicted with horns. The game displayed at the festival clearly identifies the “mythical, mythical side” of the animals. For example, on skateboarding: “Did an athlete really do such a trick in such a place? He calls the Pointe–Callière Museum a “mythical place”. “The Montreal Stock Exchange, you know, you know. Climbing is done on most buildings in Montreal. In the base jump, there are jumpers from all the towers. It’s like the secret, mythical page of the animal we wanted to represent in the essence of the festival. ⁇

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