The Best Features in Monday Project Management vs Jira Project Management

There are different project management tools available in the market but in order to find out which one you should choose between Monday project management vs Jira project management; you need to do your research. Both are robust solutions but a feature comparison can help break them down according to benefits. The cloud-based SaaS platforms can help small to mid-sized enterprises deal with the challenges. It is important to know whether you should rely on simplicity or in-depth reporting features when picking software. Software is a project management tool that helps teams keep track of their work through different challenges. It uses a Kanban-based interface to organize all tasks in brightly colored visual elements. The attractive interface makes it easier to master work management and intuitive interface keeps everyone informed on the latest updates.

Jira Software

Jira is a robust solution by Atlassian that was designed for issue tracking and Agile software development. It has all the features needed for development and uses sophisticated reporting tools to keep users abreast of all complex project updates.

Monday Project Management vs Jira Project Management – Features

Kanban Board

Monday software is a highly visual tool that uses Kanban boards to demonstrate the project progress and specific to-do lists. The cards can be customized with bright colors and clear elements to make it easier to read. There are also tables, forms, files, and cards through which employees can look at the project from different angles.

Jira has a more comprehensive Kanban board that assists with work management. It can be difficult for new users to navigate but that is because the feature is more polished. All the information is displayed on the screen which distracts from the main purpose. Jira also has sprint and scrum boards to assist with agile initiatives.

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Reporting uses a feature called pulse which allows managers to see what the team is up to. They can view specific insights at a glance and it is useful for identifying particular problems. It can help deal with roadblocks especially in the challenging phases of the project.

Jira software has a similar reporting feature and its functionality is limited. It can be difficult to use but once the teams master it, it can provide a lot of functionality. There are dozens of templates available through which users can follow updates on the project and team in real-time.


When comparing Monday project management vs Jira project management, it is important to discuss ease of use. is considered easy to use and beginners can get trained on it within a few hours.

Jira is more complicated and is designed for software development or IT teams. It has a lot of powerful features which take time for users to master. To gain in-depth insights from the platform, the user will have to be extensively trained in its functionalities.

Software Integration

Monday software can integrate with over 1,000 third-party applications such as Slack, Trello, Microsoft Teams, Zendesk, and Google Drive. Users can request the API and manage custom integrations with their legacy software or any other solution through code.

Jira can integrate with 500 other applications and it has an entire library of Atlassian products that are compatible with it as well. It seamlessly connects with Google Docs, Microsoft Teams, Gliffy, Zephyr, Salesforce, and more. Both tools cover popular integration options and they can be integrated with each other as well to increase functionality.

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Planning relies on pulse reports and other project management functionalities for planning. There is no specific roadmap feature on the platforms but there are multiple viewing options including the calendar which can help with the project.

Jira has a specific roadmap feature which can help communicate the milestones and due dates to stakeholders. It provides a complete bird’s eye view of the project and makes sure it is progressing according to the schedule.


In terms of security, Monday project management vs Jira project management is at a tie. Both platforms are compliant with CCPA, GDPR, and other data privacy solutions. There should be no concern for security for users of either platform since it has been designed to facilitate mid-level organizations.

Jira has a higher-level of enterprise-grade solutions through Atlassian and organizations can administer the provision suites as long as it is a large organization.

Performance is a cloud-based solution and the performance depends on the internet connection strength. It is a high-performance interface which allows complete scalability and extends the organization’s functionality.

Jira software is also a cloud-based solution which can run on the premises or the cloud. It offers better performance and better security for certain types of organizations. Users can maintain it on-site with the help of a server, however, that service will no longer be supported in a few years.


It is important to make a decision between Monday project management and Jira project management based on its features. is used by small to midsize firms that require visual organization for their projects. It is an easy-to-use solution which is a great choice for the teams that want to try the tool before they use it. The vendor offers a 30-day trial to all interested buyers. It is recommended to those who want the functionality of a Kanban board with high security features and unlimited integration options.

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Jira is mostly used by medium or large corporations that need a sophisticated platform for their complex needs. The advanced reporting features make it a great choice for those teams that are already familiar with Atlassian products. Jira can integrate with the software and the large enterprise-level company will benefit from its sophisticated features. It helps agile teams keep up with their client’s demands and provides extensive security options to users.

Both project management solutions are robust and provide access to excellent features. They can help with project management and have the best customer support options for users. If a team is looking to increase productivity, then they will be in good hands with either option.

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