Lebanon bankruptcy: Justice approaches central bank boss

Lebanon bankruptcy: Justice approaches central bank boss

The search was ordered by Mount Lebanon’s Attorney General Kata Aun, who revealed on television on Tuesday evening. Al MayadeenThat “The governor of Banque du Liban, Riyad Salameh, did not appear for the summons.” Explain that she commanded ” His home was searched under an arrest warrant issued against him last February.

On June 9, the Office of the Discriminant Attorney General in Lebanon, Bank of Liban Governor R. Salameh, after the completion of preliminary inquiries into his fortunes, sought to be prosecuted alongside investigations conducted by several European countries. Including their head Switzerland.

Meanwhile, a judicial official said “Judge Kazan Owaidat, counsel for the Cassation Court, completed the preliminary proceedings in connection with the case of Riyad Salameh, Governor of the Bank of Liban, and transferred him to the Beirut Attorney’s Office.” Adding it “Judge Oweidat Salameh has asked that his brother Raja, office manager Marianne Howayek and others be prosecuted.”

The same source explained that “The lawsuit was probably funded on suspicion of embezzlement, embezzlement, embezzlement, embezzlement, tax evasion and embezzlement.”

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