In Lockford, Amazon delivery drones are on the horizon and locals prepare their guns

In Lockford, Amazon delivery drones are on the horizon and locals prepare their guns

From An exciting announcement from Jeff Bezos in 2013, A specific idea about the future of the Amazon – a specific idea about hell, some might think. More vans, more deliverers, more announcements in mailboxes: Seattle will be delivering by air, thanks to the drones the company has been operating for many years.

This floating idea suddenly came to fruition when Amazon announced on June 13, the community of Lockford (California), a small semi-rural town. Benefit first from Prime Air Airlines.

At least some of its members, angered by the unexpected announcement, did not decide to shoot the postman-bumblebees who took their six shots, their 22 long rifles and their AR-15s, and secretly merged with the municipality. E-commerce company.

“The goal for training!”An old local who was interviewed by the Washington Post shouts, Came to the site to pick up the temperatureIn the rather frozen state, residents were surprised that such a test actually fell on their homes without warning.

Why Lockford? Explains its landscape, its climate, its distant aspect Inward In the Washington Post. “It’s a little cowboy, do whatever you want there”, He says. To be clear: the California Rednecks did not say a word, and the Amazon could quietly use the large and quiet tranquility to establish its flying and experimental Far West.

The package that fell from the sky

Here’s how things should go, if approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, according to the WaPo report. In mid-June, Amazon began communicating with locals about 6.5 kilometers around the base of the drones and it was the warehouse that delivered the supplies.

Those who agree to sign, can order from products weighing less than 2.5 kg, the drone will fall from a height of more than 1, in a specific place with wingspan of about 2 meters and 1.2 meters. Meters.

But the future that Amazon is drawing does not seem to excite all Lockford residents equally. Many people worry about their privacy: drones, of course, must be equipped with cameras to monitor their travels and make small deliveries without targeting the roof of a nearby house.

“I think they’re going to rob everything in our house.”However, a resident of the small California town told the Washington Post. The company, of course, wants to be absolutely committed, especially on these cameras and the privacy issue. The drones did not take any pictures of their tours, an Amazon spokesman explains, adding that he would only use them for data delivery.

According to him, drone delivery may seem like a chore to one day passing small mail vans. The test, conducted in Lockford, should also help create jobs in the city. Maybe in the police: “If anyone fires one of our drones, they are illegal.”It is still mandatory to mention the company representative.

Other jobs could be created among local firefighters: Amazon’s massive delivery drones encountered some serious reliability and security issues during the tests, so undoubtedly their delay and Their accidents occasionally cause large fires.

Some residents are not completely shut down by Amazon’s initiative, which is supported by a group of people who are under strong pressure from top executives of the company – failure means a clean and simple end to the project.

Others worry about this strange combination between the American countryside and the dystopian future. “I have a lot of farm animals and horses, and a drone can easily scare themA farmer expects. Horses can run straight through barbed wire or any kind of obstacle if they feel they are in danger. I have seen horses die in panic when they see a hot flying balloon. I hate to see something like this because drones fly where they are.

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