Attention – Algeria “excludes opportunity for compromise” with Morocco at the upcoming Arab summit in November (News)

Attention - Algeria "excludes opportunity for compromise" with Morocco at the upcoming Arab summit in November (News)

President Debon and the Algerian ex-guard still refuse to bury the chicks. For good reason, according to the London daily Asharq Al Awsat, Algerian officials are rejecting the possibility of a compromise with Morocco at the next Arab summit, scheduled in November 2022 in Algiers.

Political sources in Algeria have ruled out the possibility of reconciliation between Algeria and Morocco at the forthcoming Arab summit in Algeria. “

According to the newspaper, Algerian government sources have denied reports from the (Arab) media that the possibility of re-establishing relations between the two countries during the Arab summit.

“Relationships have deteriorated and it is difficult to imagine their recovery now,” they stressed.

As a reminder, Algiers unilaterally decided last August to end its ties by supporting two organizations that describe Morocco as “terrorists” and blaming the neighboring kingdom for a series of fires in the Kapilia region last summer.

+ Algiers has chosen November 1 and 2 for the summit

Prior to his visit to Algeria, Abul Gaid told the Egyptian media that the Arab League had “no intention” of mediating between the two Maghreb countries.

Hossam Zaki, an aide to Aboul Gheit, said the Pan-Arab organization had not sought reconciliation before the summit.

He noted that the situation was unique and that the league would intervene only if necessary and had no plans to postpone the summit.

“Preparations are ongoing (…), and there are still pending issues, especially with regard to the situation in Morocco and Algeria,” he added, adding that “everyone must work to improve the Arab environment.”

For its part, the Algerian Foreign Ministry pointed out that the talks between Abul Gaid and Lama Moura touched on all aspects of the summit and international issues related to Arab affairs.

Algeria has chosen November 1 and 2 for the summit, which marks the anniversary of the uprising against French colonialism.

In addition, Algiers is calling on Syria to return to the Arab League and calling on member states to support its position.

Last year, President Abdelmadjid Tebboune announced: “Syria should attend the Arab Summit”.

After the outbreak of the crisis in Syria in 2011, Algeria was reluctant to suspend Damascus’ membership and did not withdraw its ambassador to Damascus.

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