She donates her kidney to save her employer and gets fired like a mess …


Injustice sums up this incredible and terrifying story. This employee’s story actually reflects on one of his organs before sacrificing it for another person. She volunteered to save her boss, but was fired a few months later. The teenager was not idle. She decides to file a complaint with the Human Rights Commission in New York for discrimination against the company she worked for.


The story begins in early 2009. On Long Island, Deborah Stevens, 47, meets 61-year-old Jackie Prussia. The latter was one of the managers of the American company Atlantic Automotive Group (AAG).

As for Deborah or Debbie, he worked for the same automobile company. At the time, Debbie could not think for a second, wishing she had not crossed the path with Jackie Prussia one day

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Kidney transplant surgery is required

Debbie, divorced mother, She decides to leave the company in June 2010. The small family she forms with her two children is moving to Florida. After the move, she goes to see her old co-workers at the company. She also discovered Jackie Prussia. During their discussion, the latter hands over health concerns to him.

Jackie tells his former employee that he needs a kidney transplant. At the time, Jackie Prussia was already a family member and donor. But that did not stop Debbie from volunteering to donate her kidney. If things do not go as planned, Debbie Plan B will be the donor.

The promised thing, the thing to give

In late 2010, Debbie Long returned to live on the island. In the same endeavor, she wants to look for a job at AAG. So he applied for a job with Jackie Prussia and the latter would accept it.

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It had been two months since Debbie returned to Long Island. So he rejoined the company with Jackie Prussia as his boss. In January 2011, Jackie came to ask his staff if they still wanted to donate his kidney. The truth is that what was originally planned is not appropriate.

“I said yes,” Debbie said.

She was the boss and she did not want to lose her life. The two women are not genetically compatible. So the doctors suggested that Debbie donate her left kidney to someone else. Thus, his employer can get seats in the list of recipients. Debbie, who was innocent, accepted without any hesitation.

On August 10, 2011, his kidney was sent to Missouri. His employer, meanwhile, received a kidney transplant on August 19, 2011 from a California donor.

A decision that would soon torment her

That’s when his dream started. The removal of his kidney affected his health. She is ill and suffers from some leg injuries and digestive problems. As she had not yet returned to work, she sought sick leave. Things got complicated because his boss did not like this request.

“She told me I could not come and go as I wished,” Debbie said.

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Jackie Prussia showed no remorse. The boss had made it clear that he did not want people to think that Debbie was being treated specially. Jackie did not hesitate to reprimand and humiliate the man who had saved his life in the presence of other employees.

The tyrannical boss will go so far as to deny Debbie Stevens overtime pay. Later, she transferred her to a company connection 80km away. Debbie’s anxiety symptoms begin to appear as she approaches a psychiatrist. When she decides to call two lawyers to assert her rights, her employer fires her.

The company later said in a statement: “It is unfortunate that an employee makes an unsubstantiated claim using a generous act. The company treated him appropriately. ⁇

Debbie is still remorseful for what her boss did. He said he had no regrets about donating his kidney to save someone’s life. Debbie says she took her heart for her boss.

The case will be taken to court and the judges will decide by which side the other was abused. If Deborah Stevens wins the case, she will receive millions of dollars in damages.

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