Android 13 (finally) enables large file support for everyone

Android 13 (finally) enables large file support for everyone

Android 13 now supports pixel devices that support the exFAT file system. For example, Google smartphones are the first to support files over 4GB in external storage.

The photo gallery of the Google Pixel 6 Pro continues to grow
Google Pixel 6 Pro, for illustration // Source: Anthony Warner – Frontroyd

Thanks Android 13, And for the first time, Google Pixel smartphones can support the exFAT file system designed by Microsoft. This allows you to manage files over 4GB, especially on flash storage devices. This late management on Pixel devices is the result of Google’s long and arduous journey … Other manufacturers such as Samsung are already offering this support on their smartphones.

As explained Android Police, Which goes to the appearance of the case, since 2006 some manufacturers have chosen to pay for Microsoft to support exFAT on their products. The idea is to allow users to freely use all devices designed for exFAT. The arrival of this file system on Android 13 and Google Pixel comes three years after Microsoft chose to move forward. Integration of exFAT technology Colonel Linux.

ExFAT in pixels … a long story

However, it is necessary to wait until the developers are working Colonel Android looks at the problem and then integrates, before this function was added Colonel Linux. However, there is still a problem with the implementation of exFAT on pixel devices. Supported with Android 12 (Based on kernel Linux 5.10), the file system is not yet compatible with Pixel 6 due to the lack of binaries.HelpSpecific, Android Police Notes. This gap seems to be filled with Android 13.

The Pixel 6/6 Pro with Android 13 Beta can finally manage the exFAT file system. This “NoveltyMicrosoft wants to extend the technology to devices from manufacturers who have not yet relied on it.

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