A minister wants to change the name of Morocco: Johnny Walker Kingdom


In the face of rising pump oil prices, the executive is frozen in its perception of bleeding and the reality of those who supply it. In the eyes of our esteemed ministers, there is no doubt that limiting the margins of distributors who are importers (to be precise). In this case, we have the right to believe that the unity among the members of the government has never been so strong.

Maestro Aziz Akkanoch, who is now on coal, has to give them a proud candle. Because not even a small spark was detected to threaten the government committee and its action. It even less affects the affairs of the head of state whose name is on everyone’s lips.

There is no question of reconsidering the taxation subject to the hydrocarbon sector. However, the popular ICD, which is supposed to act as a shock absorber when prices rise, is at the crossroads today. No need to go further …

If the country’s financier is pushed to its limits by parliamentarians who are concerned about the consequences of rising prices, there is no better insurance than the one that indicates the volatility of the geo-strategic situation since Russia chose the sword with the West. Another minister dared to drive that point even further. By calling Moroccan civic thought. The esteemed Nadia Fettah Alaoui is indebted to the unity of the Government by the Honorable Leila Penali. The latter, though an officer from the department responsible for the environment, does not move. It is up to the Moroccans to cope with the rising cost of hydrocarbons. In this way, we will encourage the ecological balance that the country has taken to its standards, as demonstrated by the failures systematically established by international monitoring organizations. It would be rare if the locals were not held accountable for the water pressure that hit the country hard.

What does it mean for a minister to have a change in the behavior of all women (their net taxes deducted at source) who ensure her lifestyle as a minister? Keep their private vehicles stable, and if using public transportation, go for a walk … dry food! Other than that, as a colleague reminded me, renaming a Brahim is not so easy, even if he gives the bottle to politicians who insult him, Sir Johnny Walker.

Enchanting reality, isn’t it?

Things get complicated as time goes by without ministers, technocrats or politicians reacting. Already, gas canisters are in danger of exploding. This is recommended by the Association of Distributors who see their margins shrinking. More and more bakers are starting to get into trouble. What explosives are left to give voice to the casserole that has been boiling since the onset of the epidemic?

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