Cameron: In Yaound, public gardens abound, but maintenance is not followed

Cameron: In Yaound, public gardens abound, but maintenance is not followed

# In other countries : There are enough public gardens in Yaounde, but the townhall is struggling to maintain them. However, they can also be real entertainment areas for people and tourists.

Public gardens have recently sprung up in the town of Yaounde, affectionately known as Ongola or the City of the 7 Hills. These gardens were created in almost all environments and some time ago, contributed to increase their brightness. Among other things, we can quote Nkolbisson Greenery, Charles Adangana Square, Mfoundi Falls, Independence Square and, above all, St. Anastasia Forest in the city center.

These public spaces are a delight to the users who go through various administrative services and can find peaceful relaxation there. Lovers have also made these places a place of escape. With the whistling of birds, enjoying the fresh air, spiritual men and women make their meditation sessions there, and students prepare for their exams. Being a green city, Yaounde is a tourist city that welcomes thousands of foreigners every year, who are mesmerized by its lush greenery.

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Unfortunately, these places are not adequately maintained and, with the exception of a few newly created in the city, they still receive the attention of the public. Although green, it is litter lying on the ground. Occupied by weeds, the flowers are not constantly pruned, like a lawn that struggles to express its beauty. As for public benches, they are constantly being damaged.

The situation is dire, and the public gardens in Yaound are slowly dying. “I recently went to a public garden at the MEEC crossroads, where I spend some glorious family time, but I’m sorry for choosing this place. I swear, grass has grown everywhere. Everything is ugly, including the small lake, ”he said.

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