Namibian police have refused to help the South African president cover up corruption

Namibian police have refused to help the South African president cover up corruption

The 69-year-old Mr. Ramaphosa, the subject of a complaint filed by former South African intelligence chief Arthur Fraser in early June, accused him of concealing the robbery from police and tax officials, who said the thieves had gone with the equivalent of 3.8 million euros hidden in furniture.

The president, led by a large personal wealthy man, admits that money was stolen from him, but denies the amount declared. He denies stealing an agent from anyone and denounces “dirty tricks” and “intimidation”.

Mr Fraser accused Mr Ramaphosa of obstructing justice and arranged for ‘kidnapping suspects’ and ‘interrogating them on his property’ before bribing them to ensure their silence.

According to recent news reports, the main suspect in the theft case, Emanuela David, a South African born in Namibia, has been arrested and charged with torture by Namibian police.

“We deny the allegations of torture and kidnapping of the suspect, Mr. Emanuela David,” Namibian police chief Sebastian Ndeydunga said in a statement on Thursday, adding that he “did not do a bad job on behalf of the president.”

Already on Friday, Namibian President Hage Geingob called on his South African representative, Mr. He denied that his country had aided and abetted the abduction and torture of a suspect in connection with the theft of his farm to be handed over to Ramaphosa.

Theft case, Mr. who has his fight against corruption as his hobby. Ramaphosa is in trouble when his party seeks to invest in a new mandate in the 2024 presidential election.

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