Dictoc adopts Oracle to store American data

Dictoc adopts Oracle to store American data

Internal meeting records obtained by Buzzfeed show that US TikTok groups were interested in accessing data from China.

TikTok wants to showcase its credentials. The platform, owned by the Chinese group Bytedance, now stores all data on its US users on Oracle Group’s servers in the United States, which has long been at loggerheads with former President Donald Trump.

Today, 100% of US user data goes through the Oracle Cloud infrastructure“Thus the application was pointed out in a press release on Friday. This publication is just hours before the publication of an article prepared on this topic. buzzfeed. The American media has heard recordings of about 80 internal meetings in Dictok. These audios note that the group’s U.S. teams have faced significant difficulties in recent months in cutting off Chinese staff access to U.S. data.

Meaning conflict with Trump

The most popular social network already stores this data on its server in the US, Virginia and in Singapore. These data centers should continue to be used to make backups. “We know this is one of the sites we care about most in terms of security, and we want to dispel all doubts about the security of US user data.Said Albert Kalam, head of American public affairs at Dictok.

In the summer of 2020, Donald Trump tried to ban the application by various decrees. He alleges he worked in Beijing to gather intelligence and spy because Chinese law requires companies in the country to share their data if asked by the government. However, TikTok, an international processor separate from the Chinese version (Douyin), has repeatedly stated that information stored in Singapore and the United States is in no way shared with the Chinese administration.

In June 2021, President Joe Biden announced the cancellation of executive orders issued by his predecessor to ban TikTok and other services owned by Chinese companies. He asked his administration to investigate to determine the real risks posed by Internet applications owned by certain foreign powers.

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