“Psychology is always a wayward discipline” – Liberation

"Psychology is always a wayward discipline" - Liberation


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Covid 19 epidemic in FranceCase

This Friday, psychologists took to the streets in Paris and the region to protest the establishment of the MonPsy system and, in general, the deterioration in patient care.

“If MyPsy device Boss, in three years, at the end of his probation, I can say that I am going to work in Canada25-year-old Jennifer says with a smile. That too, you can write in your article. “I, I became a life coach, 42-year-old Maggie Foynard. If you want to do eight sessions for a maximum of 30 minutes at the address of a doctor who knows nothing about my work, do not talk to me about being a psychologist. Jennifer and Maggie, long hair, nose sunglasses and light makeup, independent psychologists. One in Nice, the other in shorts. But the two traveled to Paris this Friday to denounce the deteriorating working conditions.

A year ago, to this day, psychologists took to the streets to account for executives for the first time in ten years. This afternoon, about 150 psychologists, either liberal or hospitalized, walked across the gates of the Invalides Metro, just a few steps from the National Assembly. Almost all of them are women. In front of a van from the Suite Union, a man is the first to speak, carrying violet flags. “Public services are dying. Abstractions do not have to be subject to logic

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