Bouygues Telecom: Basic services for which the operator decides to charge its subscribers

Bouygues Telecom: Basic services for which the operator decides to charge its subscribers

The new invoice reveals new costs for the operator’s customers. And the bill may be salty.

Bouygues Telecom has decided to charge for some of the free services available so far.

In fact, The New leaflet The phone operator’s tariffs released a few days ago show charges that are not indifferent to some of the customer’s requests.

Prioritize online customer service over phone calls

Most of the new charges noticed are calls to customer service from subscribers, reported as 1064. Freebox Universe.

For example rInvoice payment by bank card The customer will be charged if they call on the phone, but it is free if he pays through the website. Service charge is charged 7.50 This is not a negligible amount.

The same goes for processing fees Change the payment method His invoice or his bank details. You have to pay 7.50 By store or by telephone service. However, the service is free if requested through the website.

It costs up to 9 euros for a phone

Fees for other services may be higher.

Counting will be necessary 9 euros For everything related WiFi settings (Name of the WiFi network or box password, configuration of time intervals or device for WiFi devices in the box) or box configuration by calling 1064, but always free website.

Tito for expenses Setting up a deviceBut this time the reference goes up 6 euros.

It is therefore advisable to inquire in advance before requesting customer service to avoid any unpleasant surprises on the invoice …

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