The heat record for June falls in Corsica

The heat record for June falls in Corsica

It’s not summer yet, but Mercury is already in a panic: heat record for June was recorded on Saturday Cape CorsicaNorth of Beauty Island, with 37.4 degrees, According to Meteo-France.

This is the first time in 2022 that the thermometer has reached 37 C anywhere in the mainland of France, at least on the main network of Météo-France stations, a spokesman told AFP. The previous record was 36.6 C and dated June 30, 2019, Météo-France mentions on Twitter.

“Bubbling heat today”

The station, which opened in 1917, has the eighth highest value of all months recorded on the Cape Course. The other seven were recorded in late July and early August.

“It simply came to our notice then. I’m covered inside. The laundry dries in five minutes and we are more accustomed to these temperatures in July and August than in June, ”Elizabeth Lembesat, who retired in the northern coastal town of Machinajio, told AFP in Cape Corsica. .

“Breaking a value at an old and iconic station at the beginning of the month is breathtaking and reflects the warm surface irregularities in the Mediterranean. I’m worried about the coming summer,” forecast engineer Cayden Heims said on Twitter.

37.1 C in Ajasio

In Ajaccio, it was 37.1 C. According to an AFP reporter, a few drops of rain fell in the morning in the larger city of Corsican, leaving traces of sand and brown dust, and the atmosphere was heavy and warm.

Recorded in Cap Corse the day after the report drawn by Météo-France for spring (March-April-May). During this period, rainfall was 45% lower than normal, the third dry spring since the beginning of the 20th century, the year 2011 and 1976, the year of the historic drought.

The third hottest fountain in France

It is also rated as the third hottest spring. May was the hottest month on record, with an average temperature of 17.8 ° C, one degree higher than the previous record of May 2011, equivalent to June.

In the context of global warming, which emphasizes the frequency, intensity and duration of drought, Meteo-France calculates the hottest and driest summer (June-July-August).

Météo-France also has 65 ports from southwest to north and east.n Orange Awareness for Thunderstorms “The risk of heavy hail is significant until Sunday morning, especially in the southwest and central parts of the Massif,” according to the organization.

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