Postal Bank, Ma Banque: These banking applications are the favorite targets of hackers

Postal Bank, Ma Banque: These banking applications are the favorite targets of hackers

A cybersecurity firm has scrutinized hundreds of banking applications to compile a list of companies that hackers want to target. Three French applications have been hit hardest by fraudsters.

Downloading the bank application has become almost mandatory. And the easier we make transactions, the more we open the door to theft. To steal your data, hackers will sometimes try to install malicious software directly through Google Play (for example, by downloading a buried game), or from a fraudulent link sent via SMS. Once Malware Installed, it will be in a file while you wait to connect to your bank application.

At this point, the software exaggerates the login pages to steal your identities or even your code for dual authentication. The Ten Most Prosperous Banking Application Malware Targets 639 Financial Applications Worldwide, According to a report by cyber security firm Gimbirium June 2, 2022.

Of the nine most targeted applications, three are French : Postal Bank, Ma Bank (Credit Agrigol) and CAF Platform – Considered a financial utility by the US agency responsible for research. Each of these apps has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

Screenshot 2022-06-03 14.55.48
Financial applications that are highly targeted by malware. Source: Zimbirium

Focus on personal information

Just because you have one of these applications on your smartphone does not mean that your bank account is at risk. Zimbir’s research team examined hundreds of thousands of applications to compile a list of bank sites most affected by disguised malware Trojans.

To be attacked, you must first fall into the download web. The purpose of fraudsters is not to rob you, most of the time, they try to steal the information and then try to deceive you in some other way by reselling it on the dark net or sending fake SMS.

The most vulnerable application is BBVA, the most important Spanish bank. Binance, a platform for buying and reselling cryptocurrencies with over 50 million downloads, is one of the favorite targets of fraudsters. Hackers are trying to deceive their owner and snatch the digital wallet. It is very important to protect them.


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