A very rare shower of shooting stars could take place tonight!

A very rare shower of shooting stars could take place tonight!

Monday, May 30, 2022 at 11:20 a.m. – On Monday evening, hundreds or thousands of meteors may fire into the sky. According to astronomers, this could be an “all or nothing” phenomenon.

About 27 years ago, a comet named 73P / Schwassman-Wachmann 3 erupted, and since 1995 it has become dramatically brighter as it has disintegrated into several pieces. So a good amount of dust and debris was expelled.

Comet 73P / Schwassmann – Wachmann breakup - jpegPIA08452-scaled - NASA

This image from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope shows an infrared view of the remnants of the comet 73P / Schwassman-Wachmann 3, set in a beaded orbit around its orbit. Large chunks of ice, dust, and gas can be seen being pushed back by the radiation pressure from sunlight. (Credit: NASA)

On the night of May 30-31, astronomers believe that there is a chance that the Earth will pass through the debris accumulated from this comet. If the event materializes, it could create an eruption worthy of a major annual meteor shower such as Geminits or Perseids. At this time of year you may observe a meteor shower called “Dow Hercules”, which is not usually spectacular. This year, by exception, we were able to see over 1,000 per hour.

The tracking period depends on where you are in the world. In the event of an eruption, it will be centered around the Baja Peninsula in California on May 30 at 10 p.m. With the exception of the Arctic and Pacific Northwest, much of North America will have the opportunity to admire it. Meteorite activity is expected to last only a few hours, peaking at EST at 1 a.m. Tuesday.

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