Samsung shows off the capabilities of its 200MP smartphone sensor

Samsung shows off the capabilities of its 200MP smartphone sensor

Expected this summer, the Motorola Frontier will be the first smartphone to be sold with the popular ISOCELL HP1 sensor. Samsung has tried to explain the performance of such a sensor through a concept video.

What is the use of a 200 megapixel sensor? We know that the higher the definition, the greater the amount of detail, but the faster the terminal display limits are achieved on smartphones. So, to prove that equipping a device with such a sensor is completely useless, Samsung has pulled all the stops. With a video of 1 minute 24 seconds, Sepole struggles to impress you. The result? Shot of a kitten at 22 or 616 m² 28 meters tall … not really a classic print.

Impressive system

But beware, this is not the classic smartphone that created the animal portrait. It’s not even a smartphone. It is mounted on a large motherboard and has a customized ring for the occasion and a sensor attached to the lens for the 24×36 camera, connected to the computer with several cables including RJ45. Once the shot was made, it was printed and then the different parts were sewn together to give the final result. An impractical system for the average person, you will agree, especially since Samsung’s end software is processed and does not reflect the reality you would expect on a smartphone like the Motorola Frontier, which would be a first terminal. 200 megapixel sensor.


Such a sensor does not automatically mean that the quality of the photos will be exceptional, because it also depends on the ability to manage light (well). On the other hand, it is guaranteed to enlarge and highlight some perfectly clear details. Here it is easy to sculpt without compromising on quality or to cut out an image to create multiple new images and highlight one or more details. So while maximum pixels make it possible to take photos with very high accuracy, it is not a calculated size. Therefore, this type of image is suitable for photo prints, including very (very) large formats, which are very sharp.

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