Google Assistant is developing a trick to help you understand better

Google Assistant is developing a trick to help you understand better

To better understand the exact names and words you usually pronounce for more personalized conversations, you need to get down to a new option in Google Assistant.

Google Assistant

The more technology advances, the smarter voice assistants become. Google Assistant Obviously this is no exception to the rule, and you should soon have a better understanding of the uniqueness of your speech.

By breaking the APK code Google Assistant Apps, 9to5Google Traces of a potentially new feature called “personalized speech recognition” were discovered in English. This translates to “personalized voice recognition” in French.

Understand each person better

What does it contain? Some descriptive phrases made by Google shed light on our lamp. This option is for the voice assistant “It is good to recognize your frequent words and names“.

Save audio recordings on this device so that Google Assistant can better detect what you are saying. Audio is on this device and can be removed at any time by disabling personalized speech authentication.

This paragraph has a link “Learn moreIt will probably be distracted This support page Explains some of Google Assistant’s privacy policies.

Specifically, if this option is enabled, Google Assistant will be able to customize voice recognition models on your device and modify them to suit your contacts. This will allow you to send messages to a contact with additional guarantees to avoid mistakes or misleading recipients, for example, by understanding the correct names and words that you use frequently.

Smartphone, Tablet, Nest Hub?

One paragraph says “If you disable this option, it will not be accurate to identify your assistant’s names and other words that you often say. All audio files used to improve your speech recognition will be deleted from this device“.

It remains to be seen whether this option will one day appear and whether it is possible in all languages. Theoretically, this option could also be used on a speaker attached to a smartphone and tablet. Let’s recap beyond that Activating Google Assistant in Nest Hub requires a simple look from you.

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