The Speaker of Parliament forbids leaving the area

As part of an investigation into what the Tunisian media calls “Ennahda’s secret instrument,” a Tunisian court on Friday barred Ennahda, the speaker of parliament, from traveling to Rachet Connaught.

A spokesman for the court said the extensive investigation was targeting several members of the party who were inspired by his Islamism, but that the case was particularly about the 2013 assassination of two left-wing opponents.

The former Speaker of Parliament, who was dismissed by President Guy Sy, was targeted by the move to bar his pet from leaving the area, and Ennahda blames the protection of the victims in the case. To engage.

A Tunisian judge has launched a trial in January against the suspects for “concealing information” about the 2013 assassinations of left-wing activists Chokri Beloit and Mohammed Brahimi.

The 81-year-old Mr. Kanochi has been at the center of a political crisis that has plagued the country for years, bringing parliament under his control. The latter was disabled by Guys and eventually completely dissolved when it became known to the public that members were rejoining illegally.

In this case, Ennahda and Rachet Connaught are targeted for suspicion of the illicit influence of several party leaders and for opaque funding for the former parliamentary speaker’s election campaigns.

The Islamist-inspired movement has denounced “the desire of some political parties to oust him who rely on state apparatus and try to subjugate and intimidate the judiciary.”

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