“Greater Eurasia”: V. that another architecture is in production. Putin says

"Greater Eurasia": V. that another architecture is in production.  Putin says

The Kremlin Master spoke about the challenges of Eurasia via video conference on May 26, during the full session of the Eurasian Economic Forum. Inviting project “Greater Eurasia Of “The best fashion plan», The Russian President stimulated opportunities for the exchange of this vast geographical area: “The main idea is to create a common ground of fair cooperation for regional organizations.”

The Russian president thus put forward the idea “Great Eurasian Partnership“It simply came to our notice then “To transform political and economic architecture, to become a guarantee of stability and prosperity throughout the continent“. Such a company, in his view, should be taken into account.”The diversity of development models, cultures and traditions of all peoples. “I firmly believe – it’s really very obvious – it will be a center of interest for many.” V. Putin continued.

“Challenge”, But “A chance”. A few days ago, the Russian diplomat explained in an interview that Russia now sees its future in Asia, where it is in the process of forming lasting alliances to get out of dependence on the West. “Eurasia is becoming the most promising region in the world. We need to tackle its growth by creating our own tools, without using the tools of others like the dollar, the Swift financial news system. That fact must be taken into account. ” Recommended by Sergei Lavrov.

Referring to the consequences of Western sanctions on his country, the Russian president stressed that they are detrimental to the world economy and not just to the Russian economy.

V. Putin pointed out during his speech at the Eurasian Economic Forum “Anyone who tries to isolate Russia hurts himself first,” he said. Emphasizes that his country has become “Is a global competitor and the world’s largest wheat exporter.” He pointed out “Western nations cannot exclude a country from world politics, economics and sports“, Adding to it “No global police force can stop countries from pursuing a policy of independence“.

“Barriers are affecting everyone and developing economies. There has never been so much inflation in 40 years, it’s not a joke. Russia topped the list. “We will take the place of outgoing companies, nothing will change” He continued, emphasizing support for investment projects “Priority for the Russian Government”. At the same time, he warned that Russian assets should not be confiscated “Stealing someone else’s property never leads to good”.

Addressing global technology, the Russian president said he understood “The Great Advantage of Technology and the Great Technological Advantages of Advanced Economies”, Adds no “There is no intention of isolating us. No one can isolate a country as big as Russia.”

In the Economic Forum, V. Putin called “Swift Banking System Accelerates Transfer to Council-Specific Countries”.

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