Dogecoin co-founder Billy Marcus calls LUNA 2.0 believers “really stupid” | Billy Marcus, Luna

Dogecoin co-founder Billy Marcus calls LUNA 2.0 believers "really stupid" |  Billy Marcus, Luna

Billy Marcus, co-founder of Dogecoin, slammed Terra’s attempt to restart LUNA, calling those who believed it “really stupid”.

The eruption of the Terra Ecosystem has been making headlines for the past few weeks. The loss of UST Staplecoin $ 1 has cost billions of users and claimed lives. All of these elements represent shady actions within the hierarchy Terra And beyond that led to the downfall of Staplecoin and its counterpart Luna.

Examples of allegations found in the forum and TwitterThese include the handling of Terra investors by key companies, the use of the Mirror protocol to enrich high-quality individuals, and the involvement of Terra founder Do Gwon in a failed basic cash algorithmic Staplecoin project.

Several red flags emerge from Terra’s autopsy. Billy Marcus Is he right to talk nonsense?

Terraform Labs will restart Luna

Rumors of a Terra restart first surfaced on May 16, when Do Kwon released a tweet describing the restart plan. This project was first involved Replace the old string with the new one UST Staplecoin componentless chain.

The developers later stated Luna 2.0 will be brand new Not string and fork. The distribution of tokens from the new chain will take the form of an air drop. “Partners, holders, residual UST holders and essential utility developers”From the old channel.

The The community voted The proposal on May 25, in support of 1623, paved the way for the release of Luna 2.0. The release of the tokens and the air drop was scheduled for May 27, but the announcement made on that day changed that date to May 28.

The community opposes.

Joshua Fernando, co-founder and CEO of eCarbon, a carbon credit company, spoke about the dangers of relaunching LUNA. Fernando raised several important points regarding the resumption.

  • Lack of disclosure of how Luna 2.0 will get its valueEspecially since it does not find the elements of a staplecoin.
  • At the end of the acquisition period those with major sales pressure seek to offset their losses and flee to safer plans.
  • Conflict of interest with exchanges (supports aertrop and restart) because they may seek to offset their losses.

The consensus on Twitter is the same, there is no shortage of tweets mocking the renaissance. For example, @ Mister_Ch0c likened investing in LUNA 2.0 to rebuilding a relationship with an ex who cheated on him.

Similarly, Marcus tweeted his thoughts on Luna 2.0 investor intelligence, which he called “”. Really dumb crypto players.

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