Moroccan Autonomy Program, increasingly international and regional support

Moroccan Autonomy Program, increasingly international and regional support
Moroccan Autonomy Program, increasingly international and regional support

Thursday, May 26, 2022 at 9:30 p.m.

Laayoune – Nothing has stopped the growing international support for Sahara’s Morocco. Following strong official positions from many world powers, such as the United States, Spain or Germany, it was time for the Maghreb’s intellectuals, politicians and supporting actors to mobilize in support of the Kingdom’s plan of autonomy. In support of this realistic and promising solution for the region.

In fact, any focus on the artificial controversy over the Moroccan Sahara should have led to a clear conclusion long ago: this conflict is costly for the Maghreb development and integration process and its solution requires only an autonomous plan under Moroccan sovereignty. .

It was in this sense that many eminent North African personalities (intellectuals, political actors, supporting actors, etc.) from various backgrounds recently met in Laayoune and coordinated to launch a civil structure in support of the autonomy program. Autonomy project in the Sahara.

The formation of the coalition, which gave the presidency to former Tunisian foreign minister Ahmed Onis, was announced during the first Maghreb forum in support of the autonomy plan for the Sahara under Moroccan sovereignty, which took place in Lyon. .

During the event, Mr. The Ounaies stressed that Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara was “a cornerstone” of the establishment of a stable, balanced and effective Maghreb Union, and that the autonomous plan was the radical solution. More reliable. Region and its progress.

“The Autonomy Plan proposed by Morocco since 2007 has received international support, and we as North Africans can only adopt the same approach because it is our duty to support sovereignty and the sovereignty of Morocco to safeguard the territorial integrity of our countries.” Algerian journalist Walid Kabir, president of the Maghreb Association for Peace, Cooperation and Development and organizer of the forum, said.

He noted that the devolution of power within the framework of the national states and the implementation of the autonomy plan in terms of local administration would set a precedent.

Participants in this forum considered the artificial conflicts around the Moroccan Sahara as one of the main obstacles to achieving a strong and united Maghreb Union, and welcomed the Kingdom’s achievements in implementing advanced regionalization.

While recalling the opening of consulates of many countries around the world in Lyon and Dougla, they noted that the current challenges at the regional and international levels require solidarity and cooperation between countries.

The 15-member coalition, which represents five countries in the region (Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Mauritania and Morocco), aims to support the autonomy program, especially under the full sovereignty of the Moroccan Sahara. Bringing together the true North African Union for Cooperation and Development and all North Africans of different perspectives who believe in building united communities that promote coexistence and intellectual harmony.

This new framework will help combat the separatist ideology that is destroying nations and encourage the building of a competitive Maghreb economy that will create jobs and create wealth.

The event was marked by the participation of many North African and African dignitaries, in addition to representatives of recognized diplomatic missions and local civil society actors in Laayoune.

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