Waze welcomes one of the largest music streaming services

Waze welcomes one of the largest music streaming services

Waze is still evolving and offers the opportunity to listen to Apple Music directly from the Wizard app. Long-awaited growth.


Time is up Waze A simple speed camera navigation and detection application, with almost no functionality. Acquired by Google in 2013, It has actually evolved quite significantly since then, offering new functions such as fuel prices and tariffs. But that’s not all, because users can use other services.

In fact, the app can be paired with Deezer, Spotify or Amazon Music.Listen to your favorite music without leaving the waze. Recently, some Radios RTL, RTL2 and Fun Radio are now compatible. If the offer is almost over, a feature that came recently is still missing.

Apple Music is now compatible

In fact so far, Apple Music Disagree with Waze. Lack of service users, So the guide to change the music had to leave the application For example. But now as of Tuesday, May 24th, the audio streaming service is now integrated into the latter. Something that delights users who seem to have forgotten a bit.

As of yesterday, Apple Music users have access to more than 90 million titles directly from Waze. This service joins the long list of partners of the guidance application created in 2010. YoutubeMusic, iHeartRadio or Audible, which specializes in audio books. Note thatApple Music will be available soon Directly in the infotainment system of the latest Audi models.

How to use Apple Music on Waze?

Do you have an Apple Music account and would like to link it to Waze? To do this, nothing can be simple, all you have to do is follow a few steps.

  • Open Waze and tap the icon in the upper right
  • Click on Audio Applications and Settings
  • Select Apple Music from the list

So all you have to do is listen to your music while enjoying the guidance, without leaving the app.

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