Nothing explains how the phone (1) was designed

Nothing explains how the phone (1) was designed

Nothing reveals how the (1) design of the phone was designed, its transparent back cover showing all the components of the phone. Art vision or simple marketing discourse?

None Phone (1)
None Phone (1) // Source: None

Magazine Wallpaper * Asked some questions Carl BoyOf the CEO Nothing And brand designer Tom Howard on the design of the Node phone (1). All it takes is a few elements of what we can expect SkillsWill be with No OS.

Same approach as a transparent back ear 1

Carl Boy and Tom Howard immediately announced that Nothing Phone (1) would take the same aesthetic approach Wireless headphones Ear 1, Which contained a translucent case. Howard says he wants the interior to stand alone, which raises some engineering concerns. In fact, for years, manufacturers have been aiming to improve the space available on their phones.

notghin-phone- (1) -sketch
Design Sketch of Nothing Phone (1) // Source: Wallpaper *

Design principles are effectively reviewed by Nothing to show the elements, especially those that are visually interesting. For example, you can see that the battery often occupies a significant space and is stuck on the back of phones. So it is necessary to choose one of the fewThe 400 components in a smartphone are assembled in layers“Howard says.”You see components that the end user does not normally see, so you may need to redesign the entire production process to display them.“.

Nothing wants to revolutionize smartphone design

Besides, nothing indicates the lack of consistency in the design of technical productsApple. So the brand hopes it will. “Very unique and iconic design language“According to Tom Howard, Nothing is the main selling point.”The inherent beauty and complexity of consumer electronics“.

Nothing-Phone- (1) -Drawing
Nothing Designs First Phone Paintings (1) // Source: Wallpaper *

We do not know much about Nothing Phone (1), except that the frame is made from recycled aluminum, as revealed by Bee and Howard. Some technical specifications were leaked We knew it a few weeks ago Nothing’s first smartphone will be released this summer.

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