If you agree, Microsoft will use Windows 11 more explicitly on your computers

If you agree, Microsoft will use Windows 11 more explicitly on your computers

Microsoft assumes that Windows 11 has reached a point where it can be used more widely. Of course, the hardware configuration was provided to satisfy.

Microsoft removes last barriers to public deployment Windows 11. The American company documents Refers to its new operating system Now there is an updated status Allows more computers to be contacted for installation after searching for updates in Windows Update.

System owners have full latitude whether or not to accept this change to Windows 11.

Microsoft does not want to do like the days of Windows 10 He allowed himself to book the OS in the background, Thus occupying bandwidth and disk space without the user’s permission. No question yet Multiply non-stop reminders And calls to switch to Windows 11 were considered undesirable.

Windows 11 Microsoft OS

Windows 11 Microsoft OS

Do not publish Windows 11 in small steps

Windows 11 is available from October 5, 2021, But the availability of the OS has improved in small steps. For Microsoft, it was an opportunity to upgrade its operating system, including feedback, crashes and more. Compatibility issues with drivers and hardware.

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