Something strange is happening in Voyager 1

Something strange is happening in Voyager 1

Journey 1. Do you remember? Inspired study by NASA In 1977. 45 years ago. Today, Journey 1 It is 23.3 billion kilometers from Earth. Outside our solar system. And from interstellar space, the study constantly collects and returns scientific data, obtaining and executing commands. In short, it works completely normally. Well almost …

In 1979, Voyager 1 passed Jupiter.  © NASA, JBL

Because NASA engineers Those still working on the mission noticed something strange. The system they call Attitude Control – the system that controls the orientation of the craft – AACS for specialists, from which data began to be sent back. Telemetry “Invalid”. From “Data that appears to be randomly generated or may reflect the potential state of AACS”. Our behavior seems completely normal, but it is ours Electroencephalogram Showed Contradictions.

Voyager 1 does not position itself “Safe World”. His signal did not weaken either.

So engineers need to determine if the problem comes directly from AACS. Or one of the organizations involved in creating and sending Telemetry data. Once the source of the problem is identified, a solution must be found. Or a way of adapting to it. Until then, it is difficult to estimate the potential impact on it Continuation of the Voyager mission. This is beyond what NASA experts have already imagined.

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